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Vian Peace Center worried students may go hungry

VIAN, Okla. —

The Vian Peace Center is asking for donations and help to feed children if school shuts down over teacher protests.

Our heart's breaking because we want to support the teachers and we know it's a great need, but, we've also got to look at these kids too," Richard Tyler said. "Because they have to eat and they rely on the school."

Tyler started the Vian Peace Center 8 years ago. He told 40/29 News the food pantry handed out more than one-million tons of food last year. Tyler said if a statewide teachers strike shuts down schools in Vian, starting April 2nd, he says school kids could suffer, "Eleven-hundred kids are here eating breakfast or lunch (at school) and now there's no meal, so hopefully we can fill the gap."

Tyler is asking for easy meals and snacks that require little preparation so that kids can eat them easily. But currently, "I've got enough to last a day and that's the problem," said Tyler.

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